Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My life revolves around animals. I have been working as a Veterinary Technician in Barrie since 1990.
I have been a Therapy dog volunteer in Barrie since 1993 where I have taken 6 of my previous pomeranians to local nursing and retirement homes.  If you know me,  you know my Pomeranians are the love of my life!  
I love being an aquarium hobbyist as well.  I currently have a 75 gallon African cichlid tank and a 29 gallon baby grow out tank for my baby cichlids.  In April 2013 I started a 65 gallon salt water tank.  I am fascinated with this aquarium and I can't believe it took me so long to set up a salt water tank.. I absolutely love it!  
In my very little spare time I love to draw and paint animals.  I wish I had more time but taking care of all my  critters keeps me very busy.
I have been hand raising several types of parrots since 1986 and decided to specialize in Quakers and Sun conures in 2006. I think they are the perfect pets, Quakers for personality and talking ability  and Sun Conures for their beauty and cuddliness.
  I have babies available at times throughout the year so just check my "Babies being hand fed" page and "babies for sale" page to see what I have available, or email me for more information.
I have been breeding Campbell's Dwarf Hamsters since 2011. They are just so cute!! See my hamster page for what I have available.