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RED FACTOR photo diary



Welcome to my RED FACTOR Sun Conure page.  All my babies are pulled from the nest at 14 to 21 days of age.  They are placed in my Paediatric Nursery brooders and are hand fed around the clock for about 7 to 9 weeks with Harrison Juvenile formula.

My RED FACTOR Sun Conures are $700 for boys and  $650 for girls.  

All my babies are DNA sexed as I think it's important to know the sex of your baby, for pet quality but of health issues arise in the future.

 I am a member of the (AAC) Avicultural Advancement council of Canada and all my babies are closed banded with their  steel  bands. 

 I put a lot of time into my babies so they are all big sucks.  They go every where I go while being had fed.  I keep them a full 2 weeks after they get their last hand feeding to make sure they are maintaining their weights and ready for their forever home. 

 I only sell my babies to families looking for a well socialized friendly bird.  I do not sell to pet stores or brokers.  Sorry I also do not ship my babies.  All my Babies go home with a bag of Harrison high potency fine pellets, hatch certificate and information and care package.

I feed all my parrots Harrison's organic pellets.  The babies should be kept on their lifetime formula for the first 6 to 9 months of their life, then they can be switched to the lifetime formula.  I have tried most of the pelleted diets out there and in my opinion Harrison is the best out there.  My birds love it and are in perfect feather condition and they have gorgeous big healthy babies.  

Health Guarantee

All my baby birds are guaranteed to be healthy at the point of sale.  It os the buyers responsibility to have their baby checked by an avain veterinarian within 3 days of purchase.  If there is a health problem with the bird as documented by the veterinarian that examined the baby, it can be returned to me for a full refund.  

If your interested in giving one of my babies a forever home emails me at pomchick@rogers.com for a quick reply.

         Baby red 33 days old                        baby red 38 days old                baby red 50 days old


        baby red 64 days old