Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  My life has always revolved around animals.  I grew up on a hobby farm where we had a barn full of furry and feathered critters.  I  have been working as a 
veterinary technician since 1990.  I have been a therapy dog volunteer since 1993 where I have taken my previous Pomeranians to local nursing and retirement homes. I have had pomeranins for 40 years,  and my Pomeranians are the love of my life.  I currently have 2 precious girls; Mylee is my 6 year old blue Merle and Minnie Mouse, a 5 yr old orange pom.  She is my current registered therapy dog with Alliance of Therapy dogs. My other pets are a 4 yr old Holland lop rabbit named Munchie, a 1 year old pygmy african hedgehog named Bruce Quills, a 1 year old Hedgehog named Phyllis Quiller and an 1 year old Sun conure named Mateo.  My most recent pet is my beige chinchilla Mochi that is coming up to a year old. 

I have been an aquarium hobbyist since 1980.  I currently have a 75 gallon african cichlid aquarium and one 65 gallon reef aquarium.  In my spare time I enjoy colouring, drawing and painting animals and I love taking pictures as much as I love animals!  

I have been raising several types of parrots since 1986,  I started with Budgies, then got into cockatiels for 20 years.  But since 2006 I decided to specialize in Quakers and Sun Conures.  I started with greens, then introduced blues into my lines.  I have been breeding only blues, Pallids and Opalines and finally Lutinos.   

I think they are the perfect pets, Quakers for their fun personality and amazing talking ability and Suns for their gorgeous plumage and cuddliness.     

I have been breeding Campbells Dwarf Hamsters since 2011 as well.  I have baby hedgehogs a couple times a year.  

Check my in the nest page, to see what I am currently hand feeding and Babies for sale page to see what I have available. 

I am located in Innisfil, Ontario.  The best way to contact me is through my email, at pomchick@rogers.com  for a quick reply.  You can also text me anytime at 705-716-0585.