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in the nest/ babies being hand fed

   June 24, 2017 - Fireball and Mango Mango had 3 babies.  I'm currently feeding their 3 babies.  


Wynonna - my green pallid girl and Ryder- my blue Opaline had 2 babies- i am currently feeding their 2 babies, a green Opaline and a normal green baby.  They will be sexed next week.  


Giggles my blue girl and Breezy my Green Pallid boy had 2 babies that I am hand feeding.  One is a normal Blue and one is a Blue Pallid.  Sexing results will be in next week.
Icey and Spicey my Blue Pallid pair had 2 babies- both Blue Pallid babies. Sexing results will be in next week.